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Jovi Basic Liquid Poster Paint 250ml - Orange

Jovi Basic Liquid Poster Paint 250ml - Orange

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Liquid poster paint

With JOVI Liquid Poster Paint, it is impossible to stop painting. Its incredible colours invite you to create and, in addition, allow you to customize the colours by mixing perfectly with each other.

On paper, cardboard, wood, fabric, pottery, modelling clay... its results are always fantastic when applied with a brush, roller, spatula, or sponge!

Ready-to-use, water-based liquid Poster Paint. Excellent performance, very high covering power and fast drying.

Its fluidity helps a better application of the product. It adheres easily to most surfaces, achieving a fantastic finish in vivid and high-quality colours.


·         Natural-based ingredients.

·         Excellent coverage.

·         Bright colours.

·         Easily mixed with other colours.

·         Dries fast.

·         Easy to wash off.

Gluten-free and free of the main allergens.

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